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This site offers reproductions of acrylic paintings on canvas and portfolio.

Version française


  Labyrinth   ...   ...
  Cosmic momentum 2   Threads   Drawing for closed door
  Apperception   Drawing for half-open door   End of sand
  Good lick   Drawing for open door   Nothing change 3
  Scissors   Cake   Mountain
  End of cycle   Music   Surprise
  Living second opinion   Slaves and bulldozer   New psychosis of things
  Pictoriality   Idea levelness   Subequatorial
  Ism   Nothing change 2   If we are thursday
  Cosmic Momentum   Gallery on promenade   Alphabet
  Nothing change   Slice   Forgotten naïves
  Heapstir II - brane   Glossematics   Partheno-carpalism  
  Pagism     Diversifying   Heapstir
  Feti-schism   Jupiter and beyond the infinite   Death of lemons
  Endomorph ectomorphic   Trance & Stanza   Archives (samples)


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